Weatherby’s uncompromising commitment to ballistic innovation, top-notch manufacturing and the American dream.

Weatherby’s outgrew its space in 1951

Roy Weatherby started his company’s namesake in 1945. Now, three genera- tions of Weatherby leader-ship later, there are no signs of Roy’s vision slowing down—just like the cartridges he designed more than 75 years ago. Much has been written about the gregarious Roy E. Weatherby, and how one of the most prolific and in- novative firearms manufacturers of all time began. Fans and competitors alike know well the story of how Roy started his sporting goods company right after World War II, building one rifle at a time. Some may even know that Roy’s inspiration for his need for ballistic speed was a less-than-stellar Utah hunting experience he had early (1942) in his career. He wanted a better cartridge for the hunter to be successful—and the game hunted to suffer less. So, Roy tinkered. He innovated. He pushed successful cartridges well beyond their comfort zones, and when his wildcat cartridges needed a stronger firearm, he built one with the Mark V action in 1958. As Roy’s customer base increased, so did their want and need for firearms. In 1967, Roy added shotguns to his arsenal. In 1970, he added the Vanguard line of ifles to cater to Weatherby fans who wanted his firearms in non-Weatherby cartridges.



Philosophically, not much has changed since 1945, because the Weatherby family has mastered remaining the same while being different. “As I look at Weatherby today, there are three main things that set us apart,” said Adam Weatherby. “One: ballistic superiority. Two: quality craftsman-ship. And, three: brand prestige. These three things have largely got us to where we are today.” And it appears that a thirst for ve-locity, ballistic innovation and firearm craftsmanship are hereditary. First ob- served in Roy in 1945, the Weatherby way was evident in his son, Ed, when he took over in 1983, and again in his grandson, Adam, who took the helm of Weatherby in 2017. “My grandfather started Weatherby Inc. in 1945 as a result of his passion r ballistic superiority and ultra-high velocity,” Adam said. “His drive to de- liver quality craftsmanship and superi- or service created a multi-generational firearm and ammunition business that I get the pleasure of running today. “My father taught me the ethics of shooting and hunting from a young age, and I’m very grateful for that,” Adam continued. “I have had the op- portunity to share many hunts and experiences with some incredible folks in the industry over the years. Since I was brought up in the family business, I could rely on industry professionals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting along the way. Honestly, Bruce Pettet (CEO, Leupold) has been one of those guys for me. Having been a CEO for the last couple of decades, he provides me with insight and advice from an outside perspective that has been very influential.” Still, there’s another layer to Adam that few may know, which has helped evolve Adam and the Sheridan, Wyoming, company into what they are today.


Many people may not know this, but I left the family business for sev- eral years as I worked in full-time Christian ministry,” Adam said. “I would not go back and trade those years for anything. As I spent that time focusing on peoples’ lives and the things that matter the most, it helped prepare me to lead the busi- ness I now find myself in. I truly have a passion for firearms and the outdoors, but that doesn’t compare to the importance of caring for people and seeing them pursue what is most important.”

Gun Digest Volume 39 Issue 2 February 2022

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