Educational Books – January 18, 2022 PDF

Women of the Kakawin World by Helen Creese
Uncertain Allies by Klaus Larres
Trauma, Trust, and Memory by Andreas Hamburger
Topology 2nd Edition by James R  Munkres
The Social Media Debate by Devan Rosen
The New Solar System, 4th Edition by J  Kelly Beatty
The Library Assessment Cookbook by Aaron W  Dobbs
The Color of Crime, Third Edition by Katheryn Russell-Brown
The Cambridge Star Atlas, 4th Edition by Wil Tirion
Solid State Physics by Neil Ashcroft
Problems and Solutions by Kit-Wing Yu
Principles of Mathematical Analysis by Kit-Wing Yu
Premed Prep by Sunny Nakae
Politics as Radical Creation by Christopher Holman
Helping Hands by Caroline J Rodgers
Functionally by Vincenzo Sorrentino
Flip the System by Jelmer Evers
Fiber Bundles and Homotopy by Dai Tamaki
Eurasia Without Borders by Katerina Clark
Encyclopedia of Social Psychology by Roy E  Baumeister
Encyclopedia of Death & Human Experience by Clifton D  Bryant
Elements of Financial Mathematics by Stefano Spezia
Discretionary Justice by Carolyn Strange
Conflict of Laws by Gilles Cuniberti
Black Earth, White Bread by Susanne A  Wengle
After the Arab Uprisings by Shamiran Mako
A Theory of World Politics by Mathias Albert
8 Days to Master Fourier Series without Calculus by Humbert Cole
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